Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guess I should introduce myself?

Hi there (whoever gets this...)!!

Let me start off by saying that it feels kinda strange writing something (not really sure what to write about) to someone (if anyone actually reads this). Im very new to the whole "Blogging" thing and except for the occasional Brent Corrigan blog (some of you may know what im talking about ;-)) and "Warfare: The Delightful &Dreary Sides of Gay Life" I  never actually visit (if thats what you call it) any blogs. "So why does he want to blog then?" some of you may ask, and I have to admit, I DONT KNOW!!! Maybe im looking for something other than Facebook to waste my time on.

P.s. Im no Author so you can expect the occassional spelling or gramatical (???) mistake!

This is me b.t.w